According to the manufacturer's technical documentation

4HR EMG press settings: see the video

  • Slider adjusted and locked for rotation, ensuring longevity and precision.
  • Automatic raising of the slider by spring (adjustable tension, except 2HR).
  • Quick and reliable adjustment of the clear height
  • Accurate adjustment of bottom dead center by a mechanical stop ensuring the repetitiveness of the cycle.
  • Adjustment of the starting position of the lever in order to optimize ergonomy of the press.
  • Base support and press head made of FGL 250 cast iron, thus ensuring robustness and rigidity.
  • Predisposition for fixation on a bench.
  • No maintenance, no greasing.

Power available depending on the force applied to the lever arm

Load applied perpendicularly
to the lever of the press in kg

Power restored by the press in the direction of the slider in kg

10 202







Power (kg) 600
Travel (mm) 0 à 100
Adjustable clear height (mm) 46 à 280
Swan-neck depth (mm) 95
Angle of rotation per mm of travel 3°37
Slider bore (mm) 16H7 x 26
Table bore 14H7
Table (mm) 160 x 145
Weight (kg) 25