Cutting, perforating... express your creativity!

Make your own unobtainable seal!

When you restore a classic car, you inevitably have to repair or replace parts that no longer exist. BOEHM tools enable you to make custom circular cuts in a variety of flexible materials, for example, to remake a fuel tank gasket, cut a handle recess in a door, a pedal or gearshift slot, a dashboard lining or shape a crankcase gasket.

Create unique objects!

For jewelry, accessories, cases, furniture and decorative objects, BOEHM is at your side with high-performance, sturdy tools for cutting cardboard, straw, felt, leather, fabric, paper and more.

Our tools enable you to cut discs and rings cleanly and precisely for your various applications, with a choice of over 140 possible diameters. For your small die-cutting runs, we offer a manual press for comfortable, silent working.

Supporting you for the long term!

Our ultra-compact striking tool has been designed to transmit maximum power for use on a wide range of materials. Its heavy-duty striking head ensures long life. A chuck locking system also prevents damage to the tool threads.

Manufactured by cold-forming with a high-resistance treated cutting edge, our hollow punches are sturdy and allow you to make quality cuts.