Leather goods, saddlery... cut your leather with precise, robust tools

BOEHM tools are ideal for perforating and cutting leather washers and patches for your leather goods (bags, saddlebags, etc.), jewelry and saddlery work.

The tool is the strength!

This is the motto of Stéphane Lemaître, creator of leather objects at the Subdivise workshop in Boisset Saint Priest (42) - www.subdivise.com

He is working with our hollow punches to make his creations, he tells us about his work and our tools...

"Vegetable-tanned leather is a precious material that should be valued as highly as possible, out of respect for the animals and the hard work of the tanner. The manufacture of leather objects generates a lot of leather scraps of various sizes, from which I wanted to make washers of different diameters. These leather washers can be stacked on a spindle and glued together to form various objects: tool or knife handles, lamp stands, door handles...

Boehm hollow punches are perfect for these cuts:
Their durable cutting edge enables me to effortlessly cut leather 3.5 mm thick and more. Their "thin" profile avoids "packing" the leather on the outside of the cut shape. The handles withstand heavy hammer blows, which saves me fatigue during numerous cuts by reducing the number of blows required. Moreover, the special handle prevents shock waves from being transmitted to the arm holding the tool.
Being able to vary the inside and outside cutting diameters at will gives me enormous creative scope.
The ability to add more than two cutting tools to a single mandrel allows concentric discs to be cut, which is useful for certain creations.
The fact that this is a modular system makes it easy to replace a damaged hollow punch.
The factory is 20 km from my workshop!"

Specialist know-how

Robustly designed and manufactured, our tools enable you to make circular cuts even in thick leather. They can be used manually or under a press for hard leathers. Manufactured by cold-forming with a high-resistance treated cutting edge, our hollow punches allow you to cut safely and reliably.

For repetitive cutting, we offer a hand press model that is suitable for most applications.

Photo : www.couleursedona.com

Create without limit!

Round punches are indispensable tools in leatherwork.BOEHM punches are the ideal tools for perforating leather .

We offer you a choice of over 140 different diameters ranging from 1.5 mm to 100 mm, with various intermediate diameters, especially for smaller dimensions.