Quickly cut your own customized gasket, independently and safely!

To avoid production stoppages and repair industrial plants quickly and independently, it's important to have a reliable, high-performance tool. BOEHM tools enable you to remake a pump gasket, make circular housings in rubber, cardboard, silicone, etc., and produce plug gaskets, valves, seals, etc. BOEHM tools have a wide range of applications.

If you don't always have a seal of the right dimensions in stock, or if you want to make a particular cut cleanly and neatly, without hurting yourself, BOEHM offers a range of seal cutters for making custom circular cuts at your fingertips!

Act quickly and safely!

Our striking tool features a patented ergonomic handle that allows the hand to be offset from the hammer's striking axis, and has a mechanism for absorbing vibrations transmitted to the hand. A BOEHM-patented quick-locking system enables efficient attachment and removal of dies from the chuck.

Tough tools!

Our ultra-compact striking tool has been designed to transmit maximum power for use on a wide range of materials. Its heavy-duty striking head ensures long life. A chuck locking system also prevents damage to the tool threads.

Manufactured by cold-forming with a high-resistance treated cutting edge, our hollow punches are sturdy and allow you to make quality cuts.

140 available diameters, as many cutting possibilities!

A multitude of cut-outs is possible thanks to over 140 different diameters that can be combined to make seal in a single operation.

BOEHM tools are particularly well suited to industrial maintenance for all industries, aeronautical, nautical and naval maintenance, oil rig maintenance, laboratory testing, etc.