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Questions about our hollow punch sets?

Questions about BOEHM gasket punch sets

How do you make your own custom gasket?
With BOEHM's interchangeable and twinnable punch sets, you can cut a multitude of different gaskets combining 2 diameters . Gasket cutting is made using a striking handle and a chuck on which hollow punches are attached. Installed on a workbench, cutting is performed by striking with a hammer.
What are the advantages of BOEHM punch sets and gasket cutting punches?
1. BOEHM has the widest range of gasket punch sets on the market and has the best hollow punch set, with 24 versions available for cutting a multitude of soft materials for many applications (gasket die cutting)
2. Its exclusive, patented ergonomic handle system makes BOEHM hollow punches safe and comfortable to use.
3. BOEHM gasket punches are designed to be durable tools: their design and manufacturing process ensure a long life time.
4. All BOEHM hollow punches are available individually and for life, allowing you to replace only the hole punch you need, or to use only the hollow punch you need.
Why use BOEHM punch sets in your business?
Because maintenance operations require responsiveness, mobility and reliability... BOEHM gasket cutting punches allow you to cut custom gaskets in complete autonomy.
Because in crafts, tools should not limit its creativity, BOEHM offers precise and robust hollow punch to make your creations. With a good tool, you do a good job; with an excellent tool, you become an expert!
BOEHM will be happy to advise you on your specific applications, and recommend the most suitable gasket cutting tool for your needs.