Boehm, French manufacturer of hollow punches since 1920


This system makes it possible to attach BOEHM punches to a press while retaining the pairing system. This part has an M20x1 threaded end to accommodate JLBM50PA (Diam 2 to 50 mm), JLBM60PA (Diam 2 to 60 mm) and JLBM100 (Diam 2 to 100 mm) chucks. An M8 set screw is used to secure the part in a Diam16 hole (see part drawing).

Press compatibility

This part is compatible with EMG manual rack presses 3HR, 4HR, 14HR and 50HR, as well as toggle presses 7HR, 15HR, 15 HR LP, 20HR and 20HR LP, or any other press with a 16 mm diameter bore.

Other informations

Hollow punches cutting with a press requires certain precautions. It’s important to ensure that the press used provides the necessary power with a slow movement, and that the cutting support is suitable.

We also offer a fully equipped manual press ready for use with our tools. You can find it here

Made in France

Weight 0,18 kg
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