Boehm, French manufacturer of hollow punches since 1920


This kit allow the lock of the JLB model hollow punches up to a diameter of 50 mm or 2”. They can be used to cut discs, washers or gaskets concentrically in a single operation.

This tool was the subject of some innovations allowing more comfort safety and performance for the user : A patented ergonomic handle absorbs the vibrations transmitted to the hand (Patent and Design Application) and a reinforced impact head ensures a longer tool life.

This set includes:

  • 1 Handle for chuck
  • 1 Chuck for Ø2 to 50 mm and 1/8” to 2” hollow punches


Product advantages

  • Patented anti-vibration system and registered tool design.
  • Chuck with a setscrew to ensure its tightening during the use
  • Allen key supplied in the set allowing the tightening of the chuck


Made in France

For information on how to use our tools, please consult our tutorials.

Weight 0,97 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18,5 × 5 cm
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