Boehm, French manufacturer of hollow punches since 1920

Made of high resistance steel, the JLB model hollow punches ensure a precise cut-out of pallets and washers in soft materials : paper tape, foam, cardboard, leather, felt, cork, rubber, plastic, fabric…etc.


This hollow punch is screwed on following handles or chucks: JLBM10, JLBM20, JLBM30PA, JLBM50PA, JLBM60PA and JLBM100.

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Other features:

A=1/8” ou 3.2 mm – B=M13 x 1 – C=27 – D=20

Fastening method: by screwing onto chuck, handle, or JLB model handle
Twinning possibilities : see the twinning table

For information on how to use these tools, please consult our tutorials.

Made in France

Weight 0,01 kg
Diameter in mm

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